Articles by Liam Huber

Liam Huber is a second-year biochemistry major at UCSD. You might spot him performing with Foosh Improv or being stalked by raccoons at 2 am in the backwaters of Sixth College. If you see him outside late at night barefoot, don’t be concerned: if Homo erectus could make it as far as East Asia without footwear then he can probably make it to the water fountain and back. Liam writes on paleobiology and macroevolution for Saltman Quarterly. He should probably be focusing on boosting his Darwinian fitness and/or his o-chem grade, but for now he would rather be doodling dinosaurs. You can contact him at


Waking Up

LIAM HUBER | BLOGGER | SQ ONLINE (2016-17) How an Ancient Molecule Opened Our Eyes and Exploded Evolution Personally speaking, I have reached both that time of the day and that time of the year when I would really like to go back to bed. Unfortunately, I can’t quite do that; with impending exams, papers that are…


Late Bloomers

LIAM HUBER | BLOGGER | SQ ONLINE (2016-17) How Flowers Overthrew the World’s Reigning Flora and Reshaped the Biosphere, Befuddling Botanists to this Day Having outlasted the 2016 dumpster fire, it would be nice to report that 2017 will be less lousy. Unfortunately, only a few weeks in, this does not look like it will be…


On Dry Land

 LIAM HUBER | BLOGGER | SQ ONLINE (2016-17) How Pioneers Left the Primordial Ocean to Colonize the Continents, And Ended up Bringing the Waters There Too Another quarter, another episode of watching the floodwaters rise from the toilet, spread through the restroom, seep through the wall, and soak the carpet below my suitemate’s bed. If anyone from…


Warming Up

LIAM HUBER | BLOGGER | SQ ONLINE (2016-17) How a Crinkle in Cellular Metabolism Gave Mammals, Birds, and (Maybe) Dinosaurs a Major Competitive Advantage—at a Cost By this point in the school year, between a colossal workload and a meager money supply, you have probably begun wondering exactly how often you have to eat. It is a good…


Learning to Fly

BY LIAM HUBER | BLOGGER| SQ ONLINE (2016-17) How an Avian Progenitor—or maybe Progenitors— Pieced Together the Foundations for Flight Birds have it pretty good. It is safe to assume, in fact, that the seagull that discovered your Pines’ stir-fry while you were studying for o-chem is twenty percent more satisfied with its choice of UCSD…


On Two Feet

BY LIAM HUBER | BLOGGER| SQ ONLINE (2016-17) How A Novel Adaptation Lifted Mankind onto Two Feet and Changed the Trajectory of Human Evolution This year, approximately four million babies will be born in the United States. Given that these are human babies, we can predict three things. First, the vast majority will soon be walking…