Knife after Death

 Theresa Bui | Blogger | SQ Online (2017-18)   Piled under thousands of powerpoint printouts, worksheets, and study guides, it is easy to scream, “I want to die!” in Geisel at 12 a.m. But how are you actually going to fall to your demise? And what happens after death? Perhaps “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol plays in the background…


Dragons: Why Can’t We Have Them?

LIAM HUBER | ONLINE REPORTER | SQ ONLINE 17-18   Winter is here, at least by Southern California standards, but Game of Thrones is most certainly not. New episodes for the final season are at least a year away, and there is another winter still to come until the show’s three (-ish) iconic dragons return…


Bankrupting Graduate Students: How the House Tax Proposal Could End American Research

By Sharada Saraf | SQ Online Editor | SQ Online (2017-2018) They’re the teaching assistants who ensure that papers are graded and students understand challenging concepts. They’re the essential drivers behind the high impact research that the UC system produces. They’re the ones who demystified organic chemistry for you, helped you pipette for the first time, and responded to…