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Over-the-Counter Decongestants: A Quick Fix, or a Money Sink?

By Sharada Saraf | SQ Online Reporter | SQ Online (2016-2017) ________________________________________________________________________________________ Every UCSD student knows the terror of waking up with a scratchy throat, knowing exactly what it implies: seven to ten days of actual torture, and the very real possibility of taking a midterm with a cold. The thought of dealing with being that kid who…


Scripps Approach Makes a Medicine-Free AIDS Treatment a Closer Reality

By Sharada Saraf | SQ Online Reporter | SQ Online (2016-2017) ________________________________________________________________________________________ Older siblings have the unfortunate experience of younger siblings barging into their rooms, making a mess, then disappearing while laughing diabolically. As an older sibling myself, my little brother would do this so often that I eventually insisted on having a lock on my door. Once…


How To Be A Student Lab Rat

At first, I was underwhelmed; it just looked like eight horizontal lines on different sections of the screen. But when the operator told me to focus on one line and move my eyes left and right, the line dramatically shifted up and down. Then my focus shifted to another line that oscillated every time I blinked, and finally, when I ground my teeth, I saw every line on the screen scatter into clouds of multicolored dots all blending together.