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Vaccination in the 21st Century

Vaccines are a complex innovation in disease prevention. Their widespread administration, both in the past and in contemporary society, has led to the eradication of diseases like smallpox and the near-eradication of ailments such as polio. Research into both existing and novel vaccines still takes place today, contributing to many fields including immunology and genetics….


A Word for the Weary

  We joke about sleep a fair bit on the UC San Diego campus. The campus-famous Facebook meme page bears the moniker “UCSD Memes for Sleep Deprived Teens”. After years of hearing clever nicknames, UC Sleep Deprived remains one of my favorite for the school. These jokes, however, are rooted in a serious issue: walk…


Blame it on the Alcohol

BY MELODY NAZARBEGIAN | BLOGGER | SQ ONLINE (2018-19)   Alcohol: college students’ favorite functional group and scapegoat. As we take on a new school year, reunite with friends and roommates, and indulge in our preferred modes of leisure, we should examine our misconceptions about alcohol, many of which are rampant among college students. Students…


Breaking out of Summer Break

DANIEL LUSK | BLOGGER | SQ ONLINE (2018-19)   Hope school is going well. Or welcome back? I don’t really know the timeline for when this post is going up so I’m not sure how to kick it off. I’m writing this during the last few weeks of summer so my thoughts are on getting ready…