I’m sure all of you know that one kid that likes what he’s doing a little TOO much. If you don’t, now you do. Hi, I’m Rahul and I’m not a typical pre-med student. Read More
Saying Crohn’s disease is painful may be an understatement. Imagine the feeling of piranhas gnawing at your insides... Read More
I had returned earlier that day to the San Pedro de Atacama desert with some fellow gringo friends from a four-day adventure in the high plains and salt flats of Bolivia. As soon as we reached San Pedro, the trouble began. Read More
With EDM gaining popularity, and festivals springing up, recent drug-related deaths have sparked the interest of political leaders to help combat club drugs. Ultimately, the user holds the power to decide when the risks of MDMA use will eventually outweigh the chase for euphoric feelings. Read More