This Blog 101

By Rahul Nachnani | Blogger | SQ Online (2013-14)

I’m sure all of you know that one kid that likes what he’s doing a little TOO much. If you don’t, now you do.

Hi, I’m Rahul and I’m not a typical pre-med student. Sure, I want to be a doctor when I grow up; I wish to help people and I aspire to see my future patients glow with health. Call me greedy, but I want more. I want to make not only a short-term contribution of aiding patients in their quest for a better life, but also a long-term contribution to the scientific and medical community through research, and innovation. This is why I want to become an MD/PhD.

I know what you’re thinking; it’s a lot of time, dedication, effort, and SCHOOL! But hey, if you love learning then it’s not so bad.

I, like many other biology majors here at UCSD, am not going to follow the typical pre-med route, and for those other people who do not wish to follow the same route I am here to try and open up the possibilities and endless opportunities at UCSD. From pre-med to pre-dental to pre-superhero (that might have been a stretch…) I want to learn and most importantly share all the ways for students to get involved.

I’m talking to you too, freshmen! As a freshman, I know it’s easy to get lost in the sea of people ambitious to become doctors.And maybe you are not sure of what exactly you want to do with your life, but you really love helping people. I am here to try my best to help, learn, experience, and laugh along the way and this blog serves as a medium for me to do so.

If you have learned something new and found something that you enjoy through me, the purpose of this blog has been fulfilled.