The truth is, while people may be counting their calories or limiting their intake of fat, the root of all evil remains unbeknownst to many: sugar. Read More
But is it feasible to think that one day humans would be able to colonize Mars? Many people certainly think so, and one of those visionaries is the billionaire founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk. He claims that within the end of the century he’ll be able to start a colony of a million humans on Mars. Read More
Half of our suite is already sick, the other half awaiting the inevitable. Twenty minutes later, we have cleansed every surface in the suite, down to the door knobs and fridge handles. There are hand sanitizer bottles every five feet, a large tub of Lysol on the table. Read More
This is the greenhouse effect: our atmosphere’s collection of gases (including CO2) traps some sunlight and thus warms the planet. This process is necessary for life to exist on Earth, but due to of the amount of fossil fuels being burned over the past few hundred years, more and more CO2 has been added to the atmosphere, and the atmosphere is retaining more heat than usual. Read More
BY MADISON RAE | SQ ONLINE WRITER | SQ ONLINE (2015-16) When it comes to combatting climate change, UC San... Read More
At first, I was underwhelmed; it just looked like eight horizontal lines on different sections of the screen. But when the operator told me to focus on one line and move my eyes left and right, the line dramatically shifted up and down. Then my focus shifted to another line that oscillated every time I blinked, and finally, when I ground my teeth, I saw every line on the screen scatter into clouds of multicolored dots all blending together. Read More