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Bio majors, assemble! Actually, we need a better team name. Saltman’s Soldiers? Biowarriors? Biology BSers? Nevermind, they’re all awful names. Read More
I’ve been dying to talk about something dumb that happens in a movie, but then they used “almost magical” as their excuse. Read More
I’ve been watching a lot of Planet Earth lately (thank goodness for Netflix), and I started to realize that I do a lot of blogs about animals. Read More
...Three mako sharks secretly genetically engineered to have enlarged brains for experimentation, but instead the sharks use their superior intellect to shepherd the personnel through the facility. Read More
I read the other day that they found water on Mars—not evidence of historical waterflow or frozen deposits at the poles, but nasty, briny water at the equator. Read More
Nothing beats Victor Frankenstein for talking about questionable surgeries on the human body, but remember that “Frankenstein” was the name of the creator, not the monster! Read More
This week, we’re talking about The Island, a movie with Scarlett Johansson as a Calvin Klein model ... sort of. Read More
I’ll say it again: I’m no physicist. I realize that I've made physics-related mistakes in previous blogs (and will probably make more), but shrinking individual atoms down? What kind of witchcraft is that? Read More