Articles by Arjune Nibber

Arjune is a second year from Muir College, currently majoring in Physiology and Neuroscience with a minor in Marine Sciences. He’s found that being a part of the Saltman Quarterly is a rewarding way to share fascinating stories about the world of biology. Arjune hopes to one day pursue his passion for biomedical research while also practicing medicine. When he’s not writing articles for the SQ Online, he can be found practicing with UCSD’s Bhangra team, DRP, volunteering at the hospital, or exploring new places around San Diego.


An Interview with Dr. Brinda Rana

For many students at UC San Diego with aspirations for careers in the sciences, the path to these professions can seem arduous, and the obstacles along the way are perceived as insurmountable. The anonymity that comes with studying at a large university, the process of applying to graduate programs, the struggle to find experience relating…