Because every year during Thanksgiving I don’t go home, I’ve decided to watch some Godzilla movies during this lovely four day weekend with campus services shut down. Read More
First off, I have a love—hate relationship with Peter Jackson. While his movies are masterpieces, BOB DAM, they are TWO DAMSBobdamit long. During winter break, it took both the flight home and the flight back to watch King Kong. Read More
I would have thought the electrolytes would have acted as fertilizer; I swear I’m not an idiocrat. Read More
Sugar! Sugar! Don’t we all need some sweet donuts and milk tea on this fair day? Maybe you woke up this morning craving some Oreos and Sour Patch Kids? Are you feeling fatigued by the never-ending research projects or the frustrating lab reports? Me too. That is why we will be talking about the most common binge eating / coping food item: sugar. Read More
Alright, so I know I talked about a disease movie last week, but people are still sick! How about a more realistic movie this time? Read More