It is not hard to imagine why chocolates became a must-have on the most adorable day of the year. Let’s figure out how its chemistry works all the delicious magic in our bodies. Read More
I was covered from head to toe, with every possible opening shut tight by zippers or elastic. This was my first time in a bee suit, and it was making me slightly claustrophobic. Professor John Neeves at UC San Diego had offered to give me a tour of the beehives he keeps in the biological field station on campus. Read More
I would have thought the electrolytes would have acted as fertilizer; I swear I’m not an idiocrat. Read More
Alright, so I know I talked about a disease movie last week, but people are still sick! How about a more realistic movie this time? Read More
Reindeer are critically endangered, and I couldn’t believe it when I first read about it in articles. These creatures are also referred to as woodland caribou, but that name probably doesn’t garner the type of nostalgic and mystical image that the general public responds to. Read More
Did you know that millions of people are paying more for 12 ounces of chain-store cappuccinos than they are for a gallon of gasoline (according to the Consumerist)? What makes coffee so enchanting, and what makes it the second-most-traded global commodity after crude oil and derivatives¹ Read More
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