Articles by Madison Rae

Maddy is a second year student at UCSD, majoring in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution. When she's not writing for SQ Online, she spend her time making art projects, playing ukulele, and doing improv comedy.


The Economic Worth of Conservation

BY MADISON RAE | SQ ONLINE WRITER | SQ ONLINE (2016-17) _____________________________________________________________________ How do we determine the economic worth of conservation? Some people believe nature’s value comes from untouched beauty, while others believe the value lies in what resources nature can provide for us. Environmental economists, ecologists, and economists at the University of Illinois joined forces to determine…


The Future of Science Education

BY MADISON RAE | SQ ONLINE WRITER | SQ ONLINE (2016-17) ____________________________________________________________________________ We are living in a complicated era for education. With the new presidential administration, changing standards and curriculums, and many different attitudes toward the sciences across our nation, it’s hard to predict the future of science in our schools. In the past, the common method of…


Sharks: Our Misunderstood Neighbors

BY MADISON RAE | SQ ONLINE WRITER | SQ ONLINE (2016-17) ____________________________________________________________________________ “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” — Jaws is just one example of the many movies featuring a shark as the villain. With their sharp teeth, dark eyes, and nearly 400 million-year history, they are easy to paint in a frightening light. But, in actuality, sharks…


Conservation and Ecotourism

BY MADISON RAE | SQ ONLINE WRITER | SQ ONLINE (2016-17) ____________________________________________________________________________ With summer and winter break behind us and spring break close ahead, many of us inevitably have travel on our minds.  Luckily for those of us in California, we’re living in a state with 27 national parks and 36 national natural landmarks. Millions visit the parks…


Pokemon Go Outside

BY: MADISON RAE | SQ ONLINE WRITER | SQ ONLINE (2016-17) After years of waiting, it’s finally here; this July, Pokemon Go was released in the U.S. and many other countries. Unlike most of the Pokemon franchise — trading cards, animated movies and TV shows, and games for various generations of Nintendo game systems — Pokemon Go is…


Sustainability in Action

BY MADISON RAE | SQ ONLINE WRITER | SQ ONLINE (2015-16) When it comes to combatting climate change, UC San Diego is a heavy-hitter.  As of 2015, our Environmental and Earth Sciences departments are 1st in the US and 4th worldwide according to science journal Nature’s for our “total contribution to studies published in major science journals.”  But…