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From Transplant Organs to Interspecies Chimeras: An Interview with Dr. Jun Wu

BY BAR YOSEF| SQ ONLINE WRITER | SQ ONLINE (2016-17) ____________________________________________________________________________ In the January 26, 2017 issue of Cell, Salk Institute scientists reported on their breakthroughs in interspecies chimeras. Chimeras are organisms with organs of different species. The paper, whose first author is staff scientist Dr. Jun Wu, featured explanations of the scientists’ success in growing a…


Create Your Own Baby: The Future of Human Embryonic Gene Editing

BY BAR YOSEF | SQ ONLINE REPORTER | SQ ONLINE (2016-17) ____________________________________________________________________________ Imagine walking into Oceanview Terrace, UCSD’s newest dining hall, and standing in the pizza line. Pondering your choices, you consider the specials—southwest, chicken & artichoke, or vegetarian. Not finding any of them particularly appealing, you choose to make your own pizza, with any combination…


Anxious Adolescents: Changes in Teen’s Genes Induce Mental Illness

By Bar Yosef | SQ Online Reporter | SQ Online 2016-2017 ____________________________________________________________________________ We are often told that college will be “the best time of our lives.” And many students enjoy the newfound freedom, but college can also be hard. According to the American College Health Association, more than half of college students nationwide feel overwhelming…