Fighting for Funding: White House Anti-Science Stance Distresses Scientists

By Sharada Saraf | SQ Online Reporter | SQ Online (2016-2017) ________________________________________________________________________________________ President Trump wants to cut billions of dollars in research grant funding, and institutions like UC San Diego have become seriously concerned about the future of science. Presidential budget proposals, while never implemented in their final form, are good indicators of what the Executive Office wants…


Translational Medicine Day

CALLUM ARRAS | BLOGGER | SQ ONLINE (2016-17)   Translational medicine—this term for healthcare was new to me as I approached the Telemedicine Building for the first time for a reason other than a turbo combo from Club Med. My immediate assumption was that the “translational” aspect pertained to the conversion of RNA to protein…


Not Just Being Scent O’Mental: Leave La Jolla’s Sea Lions Alone

By Sharada Saraf | SQ Online Reporter | SQ Online (2016-2017) ________________________________________________________________________________________ For years, La Jolla Cove’s striking sea life and beautiful scenery has drawn thousands of visitors from across the world to California. However, some animals that make the cove their home have been increasingly seen as unwelcome and inconvenient by the residents of La Jolla. Perhaps…