While opposites, independence and dependence do not have to be mutually exclusive. To be successful, we must learn to be dependent on those we trust. Once we learn and understand that, our quality of work becomes better. Read More
Find out about our new Community Outreach program! We have exciting events to engage the San Diego community and spread a passion for Biology with not just the UCSD community, but the San Diego community around us! If you are interested, please check out the blog post and comment with ideas and reactions Read More
DANIEL LUSK | BLOGGER | SQ ONLINE (2018-19) Welcome to Winter quarter, a very special time at UC San Diego.... Read More
If you're feeling unsure about how good of a doctor you'll be when you enter med school, don't be too nervous. Dealing with amputations and the accompanying gangrene in the 1800s was no easy feat, especially for Dr. Robert Liston, yet he still made a name for himself. You can rest easy knowing you probably won't make the same mistakes he did. Curious? Read more to find out why history remembers his name. Read More