Currently, scientists are conducting unimaginable experiments that at times seem to defy the laws of nature. Although they may be perceived as the stereotypical wild-haired, underground lair, “mad” scientist, the work they are actually doing has been revolutionary in progressing modern research and medicine. One phenomenon that scientists have been working on is cloning. Read More
prouting gray hair before you’re even out of college? Awkward tongue swelling making talking embarrassing? Cold sores mandating a high intake of ice cream everyday? What the folic acid is going on? That’s right, your body may be begging you for some of that folic acid. (OR That’s right, you may be lacking in folic acid. OR It could be just that – a deficiency in folic acid.) Read More
This would mean that those who have the resources and desire to have the chip implanted would have an advantage in the workplace and in the classroom... Read More
We are quickly approaching a lifestyle based increasingly on instant gratification and the necessity for the widespread dissemination of information, with examples prominently displayed in university education... Read More
Collectively, more than five million Americans are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.4 From those diagnosed, 500,000 of them die every year as a result.4 Alzheimer’s disease remains the sixth leading cause of death in the United States and the only disease among the top ten that has no cure or prevention.3 Read More
Here at UCSD, it is not unusual to notice a fellow student charging his or her e-cigarette at Geisel Library late at night. Many students and young adults targeted by e-cigarette companies are unaware of health risks associated with e-cigarettes... Read More