I’m sure all of you know that one kid that likes what he’s doing a little TOO much. If you don’t, now you do. Hi, I’m Rahul and I’m not a typical pre-med student. Read More
Reflecting on my blogging experience using lyrics from my favorite Saint Raymond song Read More
Dozens of pregnant leopard sharks gather in the warm, shallow waters off the coast of La Jolla in the late summer / early autumn. That’s why I was sitting on my paddleboard for a whole two hours, using it as a boat while I continually reapplied sunscreen to my exposed skin. Read More
Those of you of legal age, do you plan on celebrating this holiday with some exceptional beer? Or are you one of those ultra-hipsters who brew their own beer? If not, are you interested in knowing how? Well, you’re lucky because we are going to talk about the science that goes into the creation of beer. Read More
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