An Intro to Student Blogs & Buzz

Step out from behind the lab bench and wade upstream through the rows of desks in Peterson Hall. Share your voice and lend an ear.

Being a biology student, can be overwhelming at times (so many neurons are firing!) and exhilarating at others (I know how these neurons are firing!) and can best be navigated in the company of other students.

At its core, SQ Online is a platform for our peers to connect with our experiences and insights. Two key features to our site–blogs and buzz–serve to give our community a voice.


Student Blogs

We’re giving four hand-selected students a platform to share their insights and experiences as they go through their quarters. Our bloggers represent a cross-section of goals and interests within the biology student community. They’ll chronicle firsthand what it’s like to work in a lab or pursue a dream and, amidst the routine of school, find meaning in the mundane.

Meet the bloggers (and read their kick-off posts)


[pullquote-right] …pre-med to pre-dental to pre-superhero (that might have been a stretch…) I want to learn and most importantly share all the ways for students to get involved. [/pullquote-right]

Rahul is a first-year human biology major and aspiring MD/PhD. He’s passionate about doing research and finding ways to be involved on campus, especially in the sea of opportunities for pre-meds.

Read his first post, Rahul & Bio.

oliver[pullquote-right] I believe that exposing yourself to interdisciplinary thought is one of the most important things that you can do as a student. [/pullquote-right] Oliver, a first-year human biology major, is interested in the intersection between biology and just about everything else. With wit and charm, Oliver will explore themes in literature or topics in ethics and politics through the lense of biology.

Read his first post, Biology (and just about everything else).

haebin[pullquote-right] After all, epiphanies are born through curiosity and perhaps my blog will serve as a conduit to some new ones! [/pullquote-right] Haebin, a second-year EBE major, will take a comedic look at life as a biology student. He plans to spark discussion among his readers and share humor in a way that’s both relatable and thought-provoking.

Read his first post, BIEB 195: Applied Blogging in Modern Biology.

yaamini[pullquote-right] I want to explore our division, find what makes it unique and be inspired by everything it represents. [/pullquote-right] Yaamini is a second-year General Biology and Environmental policy double major who knows she isn’t pre-med, but doesn’t know where that will end up taking her for sure. Join her on her journey through the vast field of biology as she explores different career paths and does a little soul-searching herself.

Read her first post, No, I’m not Pre-Med.

We encourage you to follow along and interact with these bloggers as they continue to post weekly.


Student Buzz

The comment section serves as a backbone to our regular online content covering campus resources and research. While we’d like all our content to be discussion-driven, in the Student Buzz section we will be featuring your submissions. SQ Online staff will pose prompts and hold contests for our readers to chime in and participate. In the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out Instagram photo contests, submit-a-meme threads and general questions for our peers to share tips and creativity.

We’ve kicked off the Buzz section with something quick and bite-sized–puns.

Share your favorite biology puns.

(Buzz will serve as a tool for the community to get to know each other so remember to keep comments respectful and friendly.)

Oh, and if you have an idea for a Buzz post, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below.


Studying biology provides a keen opportunity to study life, from the most fragile of pathways to the most vibrant of ecosystems. The subject matter we study can come to life, too, as we create experiences and voice insights.

Thank you for visiting our site and having a look around to our features. Let’s learn from our discussions and experiences as we build this growing community.