LIAM HUBER | ONLINE REPORTER | SQ ONLINE (2017-18)   Being stuck with summer courses at UC San Diego may... Read More
Paleocene mammals, such as ancestors of modern-day horses, were as small as common day housecats. Due to the rising heat, ectotherms, also known as cold-blooded animals, needed a bigger surface area to regulate their heat, so the bigger ectotherms were the winners and survived. Read More
She felt the hunger painfully manifest since her awakening. In her ten years of life she dealt with food scarcity; however, the future was looking bleak as scarcity transitioned to absence. Read More
This is the greenhouse effect: our atmosphere’s collection of gases (including CO2) traps some sunlight and thus warms the planet. This process is necessary for life to exist on Earth, but due to of the amount of fossil fuels being burned over the past few hundred years, more and more CO2 has been added to the atmosphere, and the atmosphere is retaining more heat than usual. Read More
The arrival of spring each year brings, as usual, the pleasantries of flowering and leafing plants. Plants which... Read More