The Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) is an international student press association that distributes awards annually to exemplary undergraduate publications. We are proud of our Saltman Quarterly staff members who have been recognized by CSPA for producing outstanding work!


CSPA distributes three different types of awards. The Crown Awards are the highest recognition given by the CSPA to a student print or digital medium for overall excellence. These are judged in relation to other collegiate publications. The Medalist Awards recognize publications that meet or exceed CSPA standards for the ideal student publication. The Gold Circle Awards recognize superior work produced by individual staff members.



Praise for 2018-2019 Saltman Quarterly and SQ Online:

“It is impossible to say anything negative [in terms of] visuals for SQ. It is probably the best visuals I have seen in any magazine!”

“This magazine is outstanding…I look forward to reading SQ for next year. Dr. Saltman must be proud of this work.”


Saltman Quarterly, SQ Online: Gold Medalist

Verbal Section: All Columbian Honors



Praise for 2017-2018 Saltman Quarterly and SQ Online: 

“The Saltman Quarterly science journal staff is obviously curious and has the passion to take an in depth look at what is happening in the world around us…each writer strives to answer the ‘why should I care’ question with every topic.”

“The SQ Online digital publication is outstanding in every way.”


Saltman Quarterly, SQ Online: Gold Medalist

Essentials, Verbal, Visual Sections: All Columbian Honors


Madeleine Yu, Online Reporter: “Solving The Microbe Mystery: An Interview with UCSD Researcher Cliff Kapono” / General Feature, 1st place

Madeleine Yu, Online Reporter: “Extending Beyond: A UCSD Alumnus Treats Phantom Limb Pain Abroad” / General Feature, 2nd place

Lauren Brumage, Online Reporter: “Jahren’s Lab Girl: A Brilliant Fusion of Autobiography and Activism” / Entertainment Reviews, 1st place

Liam Huber, Online Reporter: Dragons: Why Can’t We Have Them?” / General or Humor Commentary, 2nd place



Saltman Quarterly, SQ Online: Silver Crown Award