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 Theresa Bui | Blogger | SQ Online (2016-17) Oṃ. The sacred primordial sound and spiritual icon. Perhaps you’ve heard the sound or seen the Hindu symbol ॐ. Perhaps, the “Oṃ. Om my god, if you’re wearing a dress, please keep your knees together. Nobody wants to see that. Om” scene in The Office: “Stress Relief”. Just like Michael…


Superfoods to the Rescue

 Theresa Bui | Blogger | SQ Online (2016-17) Let’s talk about your diet. Not the restrictive calorie-counting, carb-limiting, protein-maximizing ones. Just your regular day-to-day eating habits. Personally, my dietary genre would best be described as a pre-teen at midnight. I am an absolute Hot Cheetos junkie. However, I am trying to improve my diet because I feel…


Time to Be Thankful

 Theresa Bui | Blogger | SQ Online (2016-17)   Happy Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to stuff my face with mashed potatoes, lechon, and grilled corn. Let’s start this blog off by adding to the warm Thanksgiving vibes. I’ll go first, so just hold your thought for a second. I am very, very thankful that I only have…