LAUNCH Helps Students Gain Experience for Future Careers


By Arjun Patel | Special Sections Editor | SQ Volume 11

The LAUNCH program offered through UCSD Extension provides students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and earn a certificate in a certain field or specialty related to their career path.

Students must first enroll in Extension classes that pertain to the LAUNCH program that they are interested in. If accepted into LAUNCH, students will be able to gain certification in a particular subject while learning from instructors, faculty, and industry professionals. Students in the program will also have access to academic advising to help them prepare for the workforce. Most certification programs can be completed in about one year.

LAUNCH has many certification programs for those interested in a career in biology, including programs in Global Health Policy, Clinical Scientist Laboratory Training, and Biofuels Science. See the full list of available programs to find the classes that best fit your interests.

To access the application and explore the various certification opportunities, visit the LAUNCH website. Grants may be available for juniors and seniors enrolled in certain programs. The deadline to submit an application for Fall 2014 is Sept. 4 at 2 p.m.