How To Be A Student Lab Rat

At first, I was underwhelmed; it just looked like eight horizontal lines on different sections of the screen. But when the operator told me to focus on one line and move my eyes left and right, the line dramatically shifted up and down. Then my focus shifted to another line that oscillated every time I blinked, and finally, when I ground my teeth, I saw every line on the screen scatter into clouds of multicolored dots all blending together.


Sustainability in Action

BY MADISON RAE | SQ ONLINE WRITER | SQ ONLINE (2015-16) When it comes to combatting climate change, UC San Diego is a heavy-hitter.  As of 2015, our Environmental and Earth Sciences departments are 1st in the US and 4th worldwide according to science journal Nature’s for our “total contribution to studies published in major science journals.”  But…