Articles by Madeleine Yu

Madeleine Yu is a third year Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience major at UCSD with a double minor in Music and Biology. She is a dedicated coffee drinker, traveler, and music appreciator, who loves to watch scary movies. In the future, Madeleine hopes to go into neuroscience research to study music cognition and memory.


Sleep Equals A+

MADELEINE YU | SQ ONLINE | BLOGGER 16-17   Well folks, the weeks have zipped by and I hate to be the one to say it, but Finals Week is here. The already-packed Geisel will be the first place to go and believe me, I won’t be anywhere near there when chaos ensues. Every ten…


For the Love of Dogs

If you have ever googled the word “dog,” you would know that more than 1.5 billion search results come up. Dogs running, dogs playing, dogs eating, dogs sitting down, dogs listening to music, pensive dogs, sad dogs, side-eye dogs, “doge” dogs…you get the idea. For some strange reason, this species of canine is deeply ingrained…


Neurogastronomy: It’s a Mouthful

Anyone else remember the Shrek ketchup that used to line the supermarket condiments aisles when we were younger? It outmatched the ordinary Heinz bottles with a flashy label that advertised the product in “Blastin’ Green” and “Funky Purple.” Unfortunately, I still do. I think I actually pleaded with my mother to buy the novelty table sauce….


Attention: Inattention

For as long as I can remember, one of my family members (we’ll call him A) has always been the kind of person who would forget to lock the front door behind him and would frequently misplace his belongings. As a result, my mother and I spent many years anxiously tearing out our hair on…


America’s Most Popular Drug

MADELEINE YU | BLOGGER | SQ ONLINE (2016–17)   When one hears the phrase “drug addiction”, many images come to mind. Dark, dilapidated structures. Empty needles strewn about. Malnourished and lifeless individuals, perhaps. Needless to say, drugs are not seen with a whole lot of positivity. And why would they be? We’ve all been educated on…