Articles by Emma Huie


Gut Reactions: How Microbes May Affect Pain Tolerance

BY EMMA HUIE | UTS WRITER | SQ 2017-2018 Walk into any grocery store cleaning aisle and you will be inundated with alcohol-based sanitizers and antimicrobial products. Due to the horror stories of infections and world-wide pandemics, our anti-germ culture puts people at constant odds against bacteria. However, the right bacteria at the right place…


Science, Tech, and Law

I remember the first time I read Isaac Asimov’s short story “Runaround,” which features a robot’s cognitive dissonance between the “Three Laws of Robotics:” A robot cannot hurt a human or let a human get hurt A robot must follow human orders (unless that contradicts the First Law) A robot has to protect its existence…


Printing the Path to a Brighter Future

EMMA HUIE | UTS STAFF WRITER | SQ ONLINE (2016-17)   Any book you peruse or newspaper you casually toss out owes its existence to Johannes Gutenburg’s original printing press, which revolutionized the transfer of information and led Europe out of the Dark Ages. As time went on, printing advanced from the second dimension to the third,…