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Taking the Bite Out of Pathogens: How Researchers at UC San Diego Are Divorcing Mosquitos from Malaria and Other Infectious Diseases

LIAM HUBER AND MAYA GOPALAKRISHNAN | ONLINE REPORTERS | SALTMAN QUARTERLY 17-18 At UC San Diego, Dr. Omar Akbari pioneers a new method to combat some of the world’s deadliest contagions. (Source) Picture the deadliest animal in the world. What comes to mind? Fearsome teeth, bulging muscles, and lethal venom? Great white sharks, Bengal tigers, and…


Growth Spurts, Circadian Secrets and an Algal Cure for Malaria: A Look at Photosynthesis Research at UCSD

By probing the mechanism behind plant responses to drought, understanding the components of a plant’s internal clock, and investigating ways to harness plants to produce vaccines, undergraduates at UCSD are finding ways to use plants to improve people’s lives. by Priva Patkar, Safwanul Haque, Catherine Nakao | staff writers | UTS Vol. 3 (2012-2013) Over…