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About Nutrition Games

We at Saltman Quarterly developed the Nutrition Games in conjunction with faculty here at UCSD in honor of our namesake, Dr. Paul Saltman. Dr. Saltman taught nutrition classes here at UCSD and recognized the importance of educating the future of America about the food we eat. We developed the Nutrition Games program to be an hour-long interactive and engaging teaching opportunity targeted to 5th grade students. We hope to give these students not only a fun way to learn about nutrition and health, but also a taste of what a career in Biology would sound like and the types of information that they would learn!





This past year, the members of Community Outreach and other committees within Saltman Quarterly visited many more elementary schools in the San Diego area. After revising the lecture and the style of teaching we were able to visit these schools and provide a comprehensive and fun learning experience to the students. The teachers were very enthusiastic about our program and continued to show support in our Nutrition Games.



This year we continued to revise our content to provide an even more engaging experience for the students. Specifically, we reworked the lecture and worksheet material to be more clear and concise, thus allowing more time for the activities! Teachers continued to show overwhelming positive interest this year, and among the schools we visited were Doyle and Florence Elementary.

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