Articles by Lauren Stiene

Lauren Stiene is a first year Physiology and Neuroscience major in Revelle College. She is volunteer at the Salk Institute and is also involved in AMSA and BSSA here at UCSD. She hopes to continue working in a lab and one day get her PhD. Although her hometown is in New York, Lauren loves living close to the beach and enjoys running in her free time.


The Perception of Mental Illness

By Lauren Stiene | Saltman Quarterly | SQ Online 2016-2017 Throughout history, debilitating stigmas have been attached to individuals diagnosed with mental illnesses. These stigmas have been fashioned and generalized as a result of misconceptions that surround certain mental illnesses. Some of these misconceptions are developed through the influence of the media. For example, seventy-seven…


New Discoveries in Autism

By Lauren Stiene | Online Reporter | SQ Online (2016-2017) Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a range of disorders associated with social deficits. The neurological cause of these social deficits is not entirely known, but in the past two years there have been important discoveries about this cause.         It has been theorized that the perceived…