SQ Core Staff 2023-2024

Editor-in-Chief: Emily White, ’24

Molecular & Cell Biology Major, Public Health Major

Emily (she/her) is a fourth year student majoring in Molecular & Cell Biology and Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology. She joined SQ as a writer for UTS in her first year where she discovered her love for scientific writing, leading her to continue as a writer for SQ Features and as UTS Features Editor in the years following. When she’s not in class, working in lab, or napping at Geisel, you can find her trying out some new creative skill, practicing yoga, listening to audiobooks on long walks, or making a new Pinterest board. Feel free to reach out at ecwhite@ucsd.edu.



Editor-in-Chief: Amoolya Chandrabhatta, ’25

Molecular and Cell Biology Major, Cognitive Science Minor

Amoolya (she/her) is a third year student majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology, minoring in Cognitive Science. She joined SQ in her freshman year on the Community Outreach team because she enjoys getting the opportunity to share her love of biology with diverse groups of people. After graduating, she hopes to go to medical school and work towards bridging gaps in healthcare access. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading books (she gladly accepts book recommendations), and collecting merchandise of sports she doesn’t watch. If you’d ever like to talk about current biology research, indie rock bands, or anything else even if it’s completely unrelated to this list, she would love to chat. Contact her at achandrabhatta@ucsd.edu.


Executive EditorSharanya Sriram, ’24

Molecular and Cell Biology Major

Sharanya (she/her) is a fourth year Molecular and Cell Biology major who first joined SQ as a freshman on the blog team. Her strengths include spending hours at coffee shops and giving good song recommendations, while her weaknesses include being unable to describe her entire personality in a short blurb. She hopes to visit every national park in the United States before the earth becomes uninhabitable. Send her your favorite local hikes or bookstores at ssriram@ucsd.edu.




Editor-at-Large: Chiraag Kambalimath, ’25

Neurobiology Major

Chiraag is a third year neurobiology major and student of Warren College. This is his third year as a Saltman Quarterly member. As Editor-at-Large, Chiraag is thrilled to continue navigating the rigors and complexities of scientific communication while engaging more closely with the logistical and creative machinery of SQ, whose writers, editors, photographers, illustrators, designers, and production staff breathe life into the organization’s work. In his free time, Chiraag likes to play tennis, read, and spend time with friends. Reach him at ckambalimath@ucsd.edu.




SQ Features Editor: Kaz Nuckowski, ’24

Public Health Major, Sociology Major

Kaz (they/them) is a fifth year Public Health and Sociology (Science and Medicine) double major at UC San Diego who remembers the Before Times in college, having started as a features staff writer back in 2019. They have enjoyed every moment but desperately hope this is their last year. They aspire to have a real person job where they can interview people about science for a living because they are a total nerd. When not hunched over their computer actually enjoying the editing process, Kaz can be found skulking around on the Mario side of Twitch, writing poetry, baking challah, or laughing with their funny friends over at The MQ, the campus satire paper. Drop them a line at cnuckows@ucsd.edu to chat about anything, but especially the social structure of science or the critically acclaimed pirate rom com Our Flag Means Death.


Production Editor: Jacqueline Cheung, ’25

Human Biology Major

Jacqueline(she/her) is a 3rd year Human Biology student pursuing a career in molecular pathology and biomedical research. She joined Saltman Quarterly’s Media and Production team in her sophomore year to explore her passion for biology and graphic design, which has been a very fulfilling experience. When she isn’t talking to the fish in the Neal Lab, she enjoys reading manga, knitting while watching movies, and brewing questionable concoctions of coffee and tea. If you would ever like to chat or share any (much needed) book or movie recommendations, you can reach her at jecheung@ucsd.edu.



Head Technical Editor: Nicolas Bello, ’26

Human Biology Major, Spanish Literature Major

Nicolas (he/him) is a second year student studying Human Biology and Spanish Literature who hopes to become a doctor and open a multilingual (Spanish and English speaking) clinic. He joined the SQ team in the fall of his first year as a technical editor. He also conducts research in the Chi Lab, where he studies cardiovascular regeneration in individuals who have cardiovascular arrhythmias, congenital heart disorders, and vascular diseases by using zebrafish and axolotl models. When Nicolas is not in the lab, he enjoys playing the viola in community orchestras, skateboarding all over San Diego, spending late nights with friends, and going on trail and beach runs. If you ever want to reach out, please feel free to contact Nicolas at nbello@ucsd.edu.


UTS Features Editor: Malleeka (Molly) Suy, ’25

Human Biology Major

Molly (she/her) is a third-year studying human biology who first joined SQ as a blogger during her freshman year. Her plans for the future consist of going to graduate school to study genetics or cancer. When Molly isn’t wrapped up in school, she’s contemplating whether or not to have an existential crisis, thinking about but never starting another art piece, or frantically typing portions of poetry into her Notes app that float through her brain. She also enjoys cooking without recipes and collecting seashells for hours on the beach. For more thoughts on the meaning of life (or a simpler chat), contact her at msuy@ucsd.edu.


Research Features Editor: Shreya Chandrasekhar, ’25

Molecular and Cell Biology Major

Shreya (she/her) is a third-year Molecular and Cell Biology student hailing from Dubai. She enthusiastically joined Saltman Quarterly as a Research Features writer last year, driven by her passion for demystifying science for all. Presently, she immerses herself in research at the Subramani Lab where she focuses on understanding peroxisome homeostasis in yeast, nurturing aspirations for a future in the research realm. When she’s not in class or working in the lab, you can find her spending time with friends, raving about Chipotle and frozen yogurt, watching murder mystery documentaries, and going on long walks. Feel free to reach out to her at schandrasekhar@ucsd.edu



Web Director: Ritviksiddha Penchala, ’25

Computer Science with Specialization in Bioinformatics Major, Biology Minor

Ritvik (he/him) is a third year bioinformatics major who’s excited to lead SQ’s web team! He’s looking forward to working with the rest of the team to ensure that SQ continues to remain an active and accessible publication platform. He loves being part of SQ and helping to bring attention to the wonderful students on the team and the fantastic research happening on campus. Aside from SQ, biology, and technology, his other interests include reading, cooking, photography, and hiking. If you have any questions, suggestions, or hike recommendations, feel free to reach out at rpenchala@ucsd.edu



Online Editor (Reporters): Thrisha Praveen, ’25

Molecular and Cell Biology Major

Thrisha (she/her) is a third-year Molecular and Cell Biology major who joined SQ as an Under the Scope writer to combine her passion for journalism and biology. She is excited to work with a team of dedicated and curious minds to produce engaging for SQ’s online readers. When not trying to advance to the Emerald League on Duolingo, you can find Thrisha reading on the beach or getting highly competitive over a game of Catan. To talk about anything from local vegan/vegetarian food recs to stem cell research, feel free to contact her at tpraveen@ucsd.edu.



Online Editor (Bloggers): Jihyun In, ’25

General Biology Major

Jihyun is a third-year student studying neurobiology and math/applied science. She first joined SQ as a blogger as a sophomore. She hopes to find something bio-y and physics-y to do for a career. In her spare time, Jihyun can be found reading in bed or searching for sources of caffeine (coffee, tea, you name it). To give or receive caffeine recommendations, you can reach her at jiin@ucsd.edu.




Head Photographer: Harnoor Sidhu, ’24

Human Biology Major, Global Health Major

Harnoor is a fourth-year student majoring in Human Biology and Global Health. Harnoor joined SQ in his Sophomore year on the Photography team because he loves taking pictures of nature and capturing moments so they can be relived at any moment. After graduating, he hopes to attend medical school and work as a surgeon to be more like his heroes. When he’s not daydreaming, he loves riding motorcycles, drinking and rating Orange Juices worldwide, and eating Welch’s Fruit Snacks(he pronounces them Fruit Shnacks). He loves talking to people and will chat your ears out without answering a single question. Reach out to him at hsidhu@ucsd.edu.



Head Illustrator: Kristiana Wong, ’25

Molecular and Cell Biology Major, Speculative Design Minor

Kristiana is a third year majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology with a minor in Speculative Design. She joined SQ as part of the Illustration team in 2021 with a passion to blend her love of science and art together. In the future, she hopes to be able to do Medical Illustration alongside clinical research, specifically in oncology. When she has spare time, Kristiana loves to go find new cute cafes, use her friends as guinea pigs for her new cooking recipes, and illustrate (of course). To discuss anything from autophagy inhibition in cancer to appreciation of independent artists, reach out to her at kmw001@ucsd.edu.



Community Outreach Coordinator: Caitlyn Santistevan , ’24

Human Biology Major, Psychology Minor

Caitlyn is a fourth year student majoring in human biology and minoring in psychology. She joined SQ during her sophomore year and has worked in different committees with the most recent being community outreach. She has a passion for teaching, not only in the science world, but even teaching martial arts over zoom for folks that aren’t able to make it in person. She aspires a career in healthcare with a focus on diabetes or cancer research. When she’s not in class she enjoys volunteering at the children’s hospital, building way too many legos, learning about infectious disease and taking long walks/runs around San Diego. If you ever want to nerd out about cats or endocrinology and signal transduction, please feel free to reach out to Caitlyn at csantist@ucsd.edu.



Media Content Director: Meghna Pulacode, ’25

Neurobiology Major

Meghna (she/her) is a third-year neurobiology major who joined SQ during her second year as a media content writer. She aspires to become a physician while actively participating in clinical research. Currently, Meghna is engaged in research in two labs: the Brenner Lab at UCSD (a genetics and bioinformatics lab) and clinical research at the Urocenter of New York, where she works with patients with OAB (Overactive Bladder). In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, spending time with friends and family, or simply curling up to watch a movie. If you’d like to contact Meghna, please feel free to email her at mpulacode@ucsd.edu.


Research Outreach Director: Syni Solanki, ’25

Human Biology Major, Psychology Minor

Syni (she/her) is a third year Human Biology major and Psychology minor who joined Saltman Quarterly in her freshman year as part of the Review Board team. She wants to be a physician one day but isn’t quite sure about the speciality yet, although OB-GYN is drawing her interest. When she’s not volunteering in the hospital’s maternity unit or playing the clarinet with UCSD’s pepband, you can find her immersed in a book (fantasy is her favorite) or working on her first novel! Syni also enjoys checking out new cafes, walking on the beach, and watching anything Marvel-related. For book recommendations, a writing buddy, or to chat about anything from really cool biology facts to swimming, reach her at sysolanki@ucsd.edu



C0-Research Editor: Ava Selami , ’25

Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Major, Global Health Major, Biology Minor, Spanish Literature Minor

Ava is a third-year pre-med and pre-law undergraduate student, dual majoring in Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience and Global Health with a dual minor in Biology and Spanish Literature. She is originally from Tehran, Iran but was raised in Los Angeles, California. Outside of her studies, she works part-time as a voice actress and enjoys writing, playing tennis, and traveling with her friends and family.




Co-Research Editor: Sammy Kawai , ’25

Neurobiology Major, Urban Studies and Planning Minor

Sammy (she/her) is a third-year student majoring in Neurobiology and minoring in Urban Studies and Planning. She joined SQ in her first year as a writer for UTS to feed her passions for biology and writing and to make science communication accessible to people of all backgrounds. She hopes to pursue a career as a neurologist or a gynecologist, working to promote equity in the field of medicine and healthcare. In her free time, she enjoys listening to indie music (especially The 1975!), trying out new recipes she found on Instagram Reels, watching true crime shows, and spending too much money on iced lattes. Feel free to reach out anytime at skawai@ucsd.edu.



BS/MS Liason: Caitlyn Truong, M.S.

M.S. Biology Major

Caitlyn (she/her) is a biology BS/MS candidate who is excited to return to SQ after serving as its Web Director for the past two years. As this year’s BS/MS liaison, she is eager to help spotlight the amazing students and research happening on campus. When she’s not running late for classes or meetings, she can be found reading, baking, traveling, watching Marvel movies, or spending time with friends and family. Ask her for boba recommendations at c2truong@ucsd.edu!




Review Board Manager: Sahithi Yeturu, ’24

Human Biology Major, Psychology Minor

Sahithi (she/her) is a fourth-year Human Biology major minoring in Psychology. She joined SQ her second year as a writer for the Research Features writing committee in an effort to advance science communication and empower students to develop a curiosity for the intricacies of the biological world. She aspires to become an Ob/Gyn Specialist one fine day, but she also wants to explore her passion for entrepreneurship. When she is not working with mice in her lab or grabbing coffee from Philz, you will catch her on the verge of burning the house down trying to replicate a MasterChef recipe, getting her 10,000 steps in at Torrey Pines, or goofing with her friends. To discuss conspiracy theories, the best rom-coms, and literally anything else, contact her at syeturu@ucsd.edu.