SQ Core Staff 2022-2023

Editor-in-Chief: Lina Lew, ’23

Human Biology Major, Global Health Major

Lina (she/her) is a fourth year Human Biology and Global Health major at UC San Diego, but more importantly, the proud owner of a weighted blanket. She loves learning about the world and reading books of which she is not the target audience. You can find her making indie girl rock playlists, writing abstract poetry that only she understands, and taking photos of pretty clouds. Among other vague personal projects, Lina is currently attempting to perfect the art of androgyny and discover the best vegan banana bread recipe. Wish her luck at lvlew@ucsd.edu.


Editor-in-Chief: Sharanya Sriram, ’24

Molecular and Cell Biology Major

Sharanya (she/her) is a third year Molecular and Cell Biology major who first joined SQ as a freshman on the blog team. Her strengths include spending hours at coffee shops and giving good song recommendations, while her weaknesses include being unable to describe her entire personality in a short blurb. She hopes to visit every national park in the United States before the earth becomes uninhabitable. Send her your favorite local hikes or bookstores at ssriram@ucsd.edu.


Executive Editor: Anjali Iyangar, ’23

Human Biology Major

Anjali (she/her) is a fourth year human biology major who first joined SQ as an online writer during her freshman year. She hopes to one day be a physician and medical science writer. When Anjali isn’t studying or doing research, she can be found walking to places that she should probably bus to instead. More importantly, Anjali is an ardent enthusiast of frozen yogurt, windows that serve as substitutes for walls, and the rule of three. For fun conversations about parasites, poetry, and everything in between, you can (and should) contact her at aiyangar@ucsd.edu.


Editor-at-Large: Nicole Adamson, ’23

Marine Biology Major, Chinese Studies Minor

Nicole (she/her) is a fourth year marine biology major who hopes to pursue a career in international environmental law. She conducted research in the Tresguerres Lab, where she studied acid/base regulation in fish red blood cells. Nicole also enjoys learning to speak Chinese and eating Chinese food, and (coincidentally) is pursuing a minor in Chinese studies. In her free time, Nicole enjoys surveying Trader Joes’ seasonal delectables, listening to podcasts, trying new desserts, and walking along the beach. Reach her at nadamson@ucsd.edu.


SQ Features Editor: Annika So, ’23

Biochemistry/Chemistry Major

Annika (she/her) is a fourth year Biochemistry/Chemistry major who joined SQ in her first year because she is passionate about science communication and believes science reaches its maximum potential when clearly communicated to people of all backgrounds. She also participates in research in the gene editing field, and loves learning about new and interesting ideas in chemical biology. Outside science, she climbs at a local gym and loves to try new recipes. If you have a cool science article to add to her ever-growing “to read” folder or a favorite pasta recipe to cook, contact her at hyso/at/ucsd/dot/edu.


Production Editor: Tania Gallardo, ’23

General Biology Major, Human Development Minor

Tania (she/her) is a fourth year student majoring in General Biology and minoring in Human Development. She joined the SQ Production team her freshman year to combine two of her biggest passions, design and biology. She is still exploring what she wants to do after graduating, but she is currently interested in pursuing a career as a physician assistant. Outside of SQ, she spends most of her time training as a Medical Assistant, watching reality TV, working out or exploring the outdoors. Reach her at tgallard@ucsd.edu.


Production Editor (UTS): Amber Hauw, ’22

Human Biology Major

Amber is a fifth year studying human biology, and joined the Production team her third year in the midst of the pandemic. Since then, she has been extremely grateful to find a niche at UCSD that allows her to fully immerse herself in three fields all at once – biology, journalism, and graphic design. Amber hopes to work as a military doctor, where she can offer mental health support to active duty personnel, veterans, and their families. When Amber isn’t talking to bacteria in her lab, she likes to bake two-layer cheesecakes, devise music playlists with pointless themes, and surf. To get ahold of that cheesecake recipe, or send her prayers on braving the ocean swells with her 5-foot-frame, feel free to reach out at ahauw@ucsd.edu.


Head Technical Editor: Nicolas Bello, ’25

Human Biology Major, Spanish Literature Major

Nicolas (he/him) is a second year student studying Human Biology and Spanish Literature who hopes to become a doctor and open a multilingual (Spanish and English speaking) clinic. He joined the SQ team in the fall of his first year as a technical editor. He also conducts research in the Chi Lab, where he studies cardiovascular regeneration in individuals who have cardiovascular arrhythmias, congenital heart disorders, and vascular diseases by using zebrafish and axolotl models. When Nicolas is not in the lab, he enjoys playing the viola in community orchestras, skateboarding all over San Diego, spending late nights with friends, and going on trail and beach runs. If you ever want to reach out, please feel free to contact Nicolas at nbello@ucsd.edu.


UTS Features Editor: Emily White, ’24

Molecular and Cell Biology Major, Public Health: Epidemiology Major

Emily is a third year student majoring in Molecular & Cell Biology and Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology. She joined SQ as a writer for UTS in her first year where she discovered her love for scientific writing, leading her to continue the following year as a writer for SQ Features. When she’s not in class, working in lab, or napping at Geisel, you can find her trying out some new creative skill, practicing yoga, going to the movies, listening to audiobooks on long walks, or making a new Pinterest board. Feel free to reach out at ecwhite@ucsd.edu.


Web Director: Caitlyn Truong, ’24

Biology with Specialization in Bioinformatics Major, Computer Science Minor

Caitlyn (she/her) is a third year bioinformatics major who is excited to lead SQ’s web team and ensure UC San Diego’s premier undergraduate biology research journal stays…well, premier! She loves being part of SQ and spotlighting the amazing students and research happening on campus. When she’s not running late for classes or meetings, she can be found reading, baking, traveling, watching Marvel movies, or spending time with friends and family. Ask her for boba recommendations at c2truong@ucsd.edu!


Online Editor (Reporters): Chiraag Kambalimath, ’25

Neurobiology Major

Chiraag is a second year neurobiology major and student of Warren College. As an online reporter for Saltman Quarterly, Chiraag enjoyed the opportunity to read about and report on a wide range of exciting biological topics and developments. As online editor, Chiraag is thrilled to continue to engage with the rigors and joys of the scientific writing process and to work closely with the writers, illustrators, and editors whose creativity and passion for science combine to produce insightful, informative, and absorbing online content. In his free time, Chiraag likes to play tennis, read, and spend time with friends. Reach him at ckambalimath@ucsd.edu.


Online Editor (Bloggers): Roxana Shahmohammadi, ’24

General Biology Major

Roxana (she/her) is a third year General Biology major who joined SQ last year as a Under the Scope Writer. She hopes to one day be a physician but also has an interest in medical writing. She loves the beach, going on adventures, and film. She has never been able to keep a houseplant alive for longer than a month despite many efforts. If you have any questions (or gardening advice) you can reach her at rshahmohammadiarani@ucsd.edu.


Head Photographer: Bridget Spencer, ’23

Ecology, Behaviour, & Evolution Major

Bridget is a fourth year ecology, behaviour, and evolution student who became a staff photographer for Saltman Quarterly as a freshman. She loves all wildlife but is particularly fond of birds and marine life. As a result, you can usually find her exploring canyons near campus by bike, snorkelling off of La Jolla, or poking around in tide pools. On campus she is involved with research looking at the distribution and abundance of native pollinator species with the Holway Lab, and she hopes to pursue a career in wildlife conservation. If you want to chat, feel free to contact her at bcspence@ucsd.edu.


Head Illustrator: Kristiana Wong, ’24

Molecular and Cell Biology Major, Speculative Design Minor

Kristiana is a third year majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology with a minor in Speculative Design. She joined SQ as part of the Illustration team in 2021 with a passion to blend her love of science and art together. In the future, she hopes to be able to do Medical Illustration alongside clinical research, specifically in oncology. When she has spare time, Kristiana loves to go find new cute cafes, use her friends as guinea pigs for her new cooking recipes, and illustrate (of course). To discuss anything from autophagy inhibition in cancer to appreciation of independent artists, reach out to her at kmw001@ucsd.edu.


Community Outreach Coordinator: Amoolya Chandrabhatta, ’25

Molecular and Cell Biology Major, Cognitive Science Minor

Amoolya (she/her) is a second year student majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology, minoring in Cognitive Science. She joined SQ in her freshman year on the Community Outreach team because she enjoys getting the opportunity to share her love of biology with diverse groups of people. After graduating, she hopes to go to medical school and work towards bridging gaps in healthcare access. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading books (she gladly accepts book recommendations), and collecting merchandise of sports she doesn’t watch. If you’d ever like to talk about current biology research, indie rock bands, or anything else even if it’s completely unrelated to this list, she would love to chat. Contact her at achandrabhatta@ucsd.edu.


Media Content Director: Sevim Bianchi, ’23

Human Biology Major, Global Health Minor

Sevim (she/her) is a fourth year human biology major and global health minor who joined SQ her third year as a UTS writer. She hopes to one day be a physician while also doing clinical research. Sevim is currently conducting research in two labs – the Sanchez-Roige Lab (a psychiatric genetics lab) and the UCSD CARE Program (an early psychosis clinical research lab). When not studying or doing research, Sevim is a horror film enthusiast, yogi, and cat mom to Chad and Ollie. If you’d like to contact Sevim, feel free to email her at sbbianch@ucsd.edu.


Media Graphics Director: Diana Presas-Ramos, ’23

Neurobiology Major, Cognitive Science Minor

Diana (she/her) is a fourth year Neurobiology major and Cognitive Science minor at UC San Diego. She joined Saltman Quarterly in her freshman year as part of the illustration team and has found joy in using art and design to communicate science to the public, leading her to help form SQ’s first official media team. You can find Diana reading, curating oddly specific music playlists, binge-watching Hell’s Kitchen, or doodling on napkins. If you’d like to share a super cool really awesome science fact, feel free to contact her at dpresasr@ucsd.edu.


Research Outreach Coordinator: Syni Solanki, ’25

Human Biology Major, Psychology Minor

Syni (she/her) is a second year Human Biology major and Psychology minor. She joined Saltman Quarterly as a freshman as a Review Board member last year. While she loves learning anything related to biology, she’s especially drawn to the fields of cancer biology and reproductive science. In her free time, she’s an avid bookworm, and sometimes tries her hand at writing stories too! She also enjoys playing the clarinet, watching anything Marvel-related, making different Spotify playlists, and swimming. For book recommendations, a writing partner, or conversations about anything from mental health advocacy to dolphins, reach her at sysolanki@ucsd.edu.


Research Editor: Megha Srivatsa, ’24

Molecular and Cell Biology Major, Psychology Minor, Health Care–Social Issues Minor

Megha is a third year Molecular and Cell Biology major double minoring in Psychology and Health Care–Social Issues. They joined SQ as a technical editor in their first year with a passion for helping students communicate their scientific contributions and accomplishments. With this goal in mind, this year they initiated the SQ Research Features writing committee to increase the accessibility of formal scientific writing. Outside of school, self-describes as “not a bad cook” and loves making vegan food. They also love camping, hiking, and playing the violin. If you ever would like to chat about immunology research or health care and LGBTQ+ activism, feel free to reach out to them at msrivatsa@ucsd.edu.


BS/MS Liason: Anna Hakimi, B.S.

M.S. Neurobiology Major

Anna is a BS/MS candidate studying the role of neurotransmitter switching in memory and drug abuse at the Spitzer lab. Anna first joined SQ to combine her passions for research and creative writing, and has loved this vibrant community since! As an undergraduate, she worked as a writer and then editor for SQF, and is now back for one last year as the BS/MS Liaison. Someday, she hopes to join a PhD program in Neuroscience and pursue a career in academia. In her free time, Anna can be found chaotically cooking, hiking, sketching, lifting at the gym or learning to surf. If you would like to become her hiking buddy or give her some surf tips, reach her at ahakimi@ucsd.edu.


Review Board Manager: Ava Selami, ’25

Neurobiology Major, Global Health Major, Spanish Literature Minor

Ava is a second-year Neurobiology and Global Health double major with a minor in Spanish Literature. She is a pre-medical and pre-law student interested in medical law, health policy, and biomedical ethics.


Podcast Manager: Christina Do, ’23

Human Biology Major, Global Health Minor

Christina (she/her) is a fourth year Human Biology major and Global Health minor. She joined the SQ Podcast team in her senior year in hopes of sharing her passion for scientific research and innovations with the greater UCSD population. After graduating, she plans on pursuing a career in either Emergency Medicine or Gynecology, and hopes to help make precision medicine more accessible. When Christina isn’t interning at Palomar hospital, she is either cooking unique dishes, hanging out with her hamster and friends, or going on Phở and Boba runs. If you would like a cooking buddy, reach her at c9do@ucsd.edu.


Podcast Manager: Soleil Madonia, ’24

Neurobiology Major, French Literature Minor

Soleil (she/her) is a third-year student majoring in Neurobiology and minoring in French Literature. This is her first year as an SQ member and she is excited to get the SQ podcast up and running. She is still deciding what is next for her career after college, but she is interested in pursuing medicine. Outside of SQ, she is active on campus as a residential assistant and is frequently found outside Copa Vida sipping chai lattes. She is available for questions at smadonia@ucsd.edu.