SQ Core Staff 2020-2021

Editor-in-Chief: Andra Thomas, ’21

Human Biology Major, Global Health Major

Andra is a fourth year Human Biology and Global Health double major. She joined SQ her second year and since then has been a UTS Writer, UTS Features Editor, and now Co-EIC. After graduating this year, she plans on going to medical school and eventually working to demolish the healthcare inequities that continue to exist globally. Through her work this year, she hopes to bridge the knowledge gap that exists between science and society through communicative journalism. When she’s not putting out fires running SQ or stressing about all the craziness that’s happening in the world, she spends her time reading, exploring different places, rewatching her favorite shows on Netflix for the millionth time, trying new restaurants, or catching up with her friends and family. If you’re looking for a break from life and want to go on a spontaneous adventure or want to have a conversation about literally anything, be sure to hit her up ajt024@ucsd.edu 🙂




Editor-in-Chief : Salma Sheriff, ’21

Human Biology Major, Cognitive Science and Literature-Writing Minors

Salma is now in her fourth and final year of editing for SQ. After completing her B.S. degree, she plans to work in healthcare justice/administration/nonprofits while applying to medical schools. She spends most of her time outside of classes and SQ in the Malinow lab researching the biological basis of depression. Her favorite methods to fight existential dread are: playing ultimate frisbee for the UCSD Womxn’s team, reading comics, propogating salvaged plant cuttings, writing thrillers, getting swole, and catering to the every whim of her arrogant but affectionate cat, Lieutenant Soot on the Snoot (instagram.com/sootysnootonthelieu). You can and should contact her for any reason or whim by email at ssheriff@ucsd.edu; it would make her day.




Editor-at-Large: Arya Natarajan, ’21

General Biology Major, Cognitive Science (Design & Interaction) Major

Arya joined Saltman Quarterly in her first year as a designer and has since served as Production Editor, Executive Editor, and occasional writer of SQ Online pieces. Now in her final year, she’s thrilled to support the SQuad’s myriad of projects before she heads out to continue science writing, multimedia storytelling, and STEM engagement-ing in the non-college world. When she’s not editing articles or researching symbiotic relationships (brief self-plug: bit.ly/symbiologist), she’s usually playing her violin, inspecting local tide pools, or painting on scrap pieces of cardboard. Hit her up by email (a5natara@ucsd.edu) or on Twitter (@aryanatarajan) to talk marine ecology, parasitology, museums/aquariums, and/or all things sci-comm.

SQ Features Editor: Ingrid Heumann, ’21

Cell Biology/Biochemistry Major, Humanities (Humanity’s Relationship with Nature) Major

Ingrid joined Saltman Quarterly in her sophomore year, as a way to bridge her interests in biology and literature. She started as an Online Staff Writer and eventually became a Features Writer for the print publication. Now, in her last year at UC San Diego, Ingrid is excited to oversee the writing process as the Features Editor. After finishing university, she plans to continue her research in cancer biology before attending graduate school. Outside of Saltman and research, Ingrid enjoys visiting art museums (she has developed a fondness for Turner, Morisot, and Monet among others), reading (mainly fiction and aesthetic theory), and finding new bunch locations. If you want to contact her about anything from cancer stem cells to Kafka’s short stories, she can be reached at iheumann@ucsd.edu.

Head Production Editor: Julia Cheng, ’21

Physiology and Neuroscience Major, Business Minor

Julia joined Saltman Quarterly in her junior year as the UTS Production Editor to bridge her passion for biology with her love for design. She’s back at it again this year, but as the Head Production Editor and she is so excited to be working with the SQuad to produce even more mind-blowing publications this year. After graduating, she plans on going to med school to hopefully become a neurosurgeon one day. When she is not cramming for midterms or presenting programs for the Alzheimer’s Association, you can find her spoiling her bunny with handmade cardboard castles and homemade bunny-friendly cakes. Feel free to hit her up at j9cheng@ucsd.edu for some derpy bunny pictures because she has more pictures of her bunny than anything else.

Head Technical Editor: Juliana Fox, ’22

Molecular and Cell Biology Major, Psychology Minor

Juliana joined Saltman Quarterly as a wide-eyed freshman on the Technical Editing team and has loved it ever since! As a third year, she spends the majority of her time trudging through her numerous biology classes and studying frantically for the MCAT; in her limited spare time, Juliana likes to sleep (a lot), bake bread, watch Netflix (mainly The Office and New Girl on repeat), and go to the gym. She also is a lover of all types of music (yes, that does include country) and spends the majority of her paychecks on historical fiction/fantasy literature. Feel free to contact her at jfox@ucsd.edu for book recommendations, bread recipies, or workout playlists.

UTS Features Editor: Shreya Shriram, ’21

Biochemistry & Cell Biology Major, Psychology Major, Global Health Minor

Shreya is a fourth-year student double majoring in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and Psychology and minoring in Global Health. She joined SQ in her second year as an online reporter and has been hooked ever since! After spending last year as SQ’s Online Editor, Shreya is back for one final round with the SQuad as UTS Features Editor. After graduating, she hopes to pursue a career as a physician. Outside of classwork and SQ, Shreya is a research assistant at the Sanford Consortium and a volunteer coach with UCSD StRIVE. With any remaining free time, she enjoys reading (mostly mystery, historical fiction, and suspense), taking (very long) naps, and seeking out new snacks at Trader Joe’s. Feel free to reach out to her at sshriram@ucsd.edu to chat about book/snack recommendations, cool science topics, or anything else!

UTS Production Editor: Nicole Adamson, ’23

Marine Biology Major

Nicole joined SQ as a first-year student to bring research articles to life. She is excited to return to the design team this year remotely while researching coral photosynthesis in Bermuda! In San Diego, she also enjoys spending time researching acid/base sensing in marine organisms in the Tresguerres Lab. She hopes to eventually become a professor to continue to share sceince and pursue marine biology research. In her free time, Nicole loves to try new desserts, visit tide pools, and go to the beach.

Webmaster: Mitchell Stoddard, ’22

Human Biology Major, Global Health Minor

Mitchell joined SQ his sophomore year as webmaster to help further his passion for scientific journalism and aid his fellow undergraduates. Through his work on maintaining and promoting the website, Mitchell works to bring undergraduate research to new auduences and promote scientific literacy in the community. Mitchell is a San Diego local majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Global Health with an focus in healthcare interventions in underserved communites. In his free time Mitchell can be found by water either on the UCSD NCAA swim team or surfing!

Online Editor (Reporters): Anjali Iyangar, ’23

Human Biology Major

Anjali joined Saltman Quarterly in her freshman year as an online writer, on a personal endeavor to combine her passion for biology with her hobby of storytelling. When she isn’t geeking out about biology or working on research, you can find Anjali writing meta poetry, making more playlists than one would deem necessary, listening to the best science podcasts, or enjoying the serenity of a local lake. Most importantly, Anjali has an unusually humerus collection of science puns that might just tickle your funny bone. For further inquiries about said puns (or for no particular reason at all!), you can reach out to her at aiyangar@ucsd.edu.

Online Editor (Bloggers): Lina Lew, ’23

Human Biology Major, Global Health Major

Lina is a second year Human Biology and Global Health major at UC San Diego, but more importantly, the proud owner of a weighted blanket. She loves learning about the world and reading books of which she is not the target audience. You can find her making indie girl rock playlists and taking photos of pretty clouds. Among other vague personal projects, Lina is currently attempting to perfect the art of androgyny and discover the perfect vegan banana bread recipe. Wish her luck at lvlew@ucsd.edu.

Head Photographer: Sam Zilberman, ’22

General Biology Major, Business Minor

Sam is a third-year Biology and Business student at UCSD. He originally joined Saltman Quarterly in his first-year as a staff photographer in order to pursue his passion for both science and photography. In addition to his undergraduate studies, Sam also works as a Research Assistant in Matthias von Herrath’s lab at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology, and collaborates on research projects to elucidate the role of key immune cells and cytokines in Type 1 Diabetes pathogenesis. As a San Diego native, Sam enjoys many outdoor activites in his free time including surfing and bouldering, and has recently discovered a new passion in coffee- and espresso-making. Feel free to contact Sam by email at szilberm@ucsd.edu.

Head Illustrator: Sara Kian, ’21

Human Biology Major, Studio Art Major

Sara is currently a fourth year and joined the SQ illustration team during her third year. She is double majoring in Human Biology and Studio Art and has dreams of one day becoming a dermatologist. She joined the illustration team as a way to perfectly merge her two favorite subjects and has grown a lot in her skills since joining. When she is not working or studying, you can find her sitting right in front of the big screen. Sara greatly enjoys watching movies and tv shows and loves writing reviews in her free time. During quarentine, Sara picked up the art of sewing, and although she has ruined a couple t-shirts along the way, she is determined to master the craft. If you have any questions or just want to rant and rave about the latest films, then you can contact her at sskian@ucsd.edu

Community Outreach Coordinator: Samantha Tuohey, ’23

Neurobiology Major

Samantha is a third year Neurobiology student. She joined the SQ outreach team as a freshman and has loved every moment of it. She has always loved science and working with children, so CO is the perfect place for her. Outside of SQ, she also spends her time working in Madigan lab at UCSD. After college, she plans to go into microbiology research. In her free time, Samantha loves to dance (ballet and salsa are her favorite) and to bake just about any kind of carb. If you want to swap recipes or talk about pretty much anything, you can contact her at stuohey@ucsd.edu.

Media Director: Sanjana Sharma, ’22

Human Biology Major, Global Health Major

Sanjana is currently a third year and joined the SQ Media Team during her freshman year. Sanjana has always enjoyed using social media to destress and she was interested in how social media can be used to improve science accessiblity across various demographics and audiences. This year, she became the Media Director as the team shifted towards focusing on having their members generate original, creative, science-related content for SQ’s social media platforms! Sanjana has always appreciated the welcoming atmosphere of SQ, as well as working with motivated, conscientious peers with similar interests and goals as her. Outside of SQ, she works as a Research Assistant in the Engler Lab at the Sanford Consortium for Regenrative Medicine, as an Undergraduate Writing Consultant at UCSD’s Teaching + Learning Commons, and is highly involved in other student organizations at UCSD. Outside of SQ and school, she enjoys adventuring with friends, studying at cute coffee shops, and watching the sunset at the beach. After college, Sanjana hopes to pursue a career in medicine, potentially specializing in pediatrics or reproductive health. Feel free to contact her at sss006@ucsd.edu with any coffee shop, restaurant or other adventure spot recommendations!

Research Editor: Nikhil Jampana, ’21

Human Biology Major, Global Health Minor, History Minor

Nikhil joined the Features team as a sophomore to convey his enduring passion for science and writing. He stayed with the SQ staff as Features Editor the following year and is now thrilled to serve as Co-Research Editor in his final year (!) at UC San Diego. He loves how the SQuad’s always been so supportive and accepting, and is looking forward to immersing himself in all its idiosyncrasies once again–one last time. Following college, he hopes to find a practical way to engage his varied interests in healthcare/education/medical anthropology and eventually go to medical school. Outside of SQ and school, you can find him reading, trying to meditate, laughing over a stand-up special, and eating inordinate amounts of Luigi’s Italian ice. Feel free to send any popsicles and/or fruit bars to njampana@ucsd.edu.

Research Editor: Noorhan Amani, ’21

Human Biology Major, Global Health Minor

Noorhan has been part of SQ since her second year, first as review board member, then as a tech editor, and now finally as a co-research editor. She is excited to be on Core Staff this year for the first time. When she’s not busy with classes, you can find her tutoring at the Writing Hub in the Teaching + Learning Commons or working on her latest passion project, an initiative dedicated to improving access to mental health resources and destigmatizing mental health. After graduating, she hopes to pursue her interests in global health and medicine. In her free time, she likes reading blog articles, researching skincare products, and listening to podcasts. Feel free to contact her at namani@ucsd.edu if you have any skincare recommendations or would like to talk about anything.

Review Board Manager: Chetana Thappeta, ’21

Biology with Specialization in Bioinformatics Major

Chetana is a fourth year bioinformatics student. After she graduates she hopes to do research at a biotechnology company . She joined Saltman Quarterly as a member of the Review Board in 2019 and it vastly expanded her view of what research can be, as well as her understanding and appreciation of the research process. When she’s not in class you can find her outdoors doing yoga, studying (torturing) plants, hiking, or camping. You can contact her for any reason by email at cthappet@ucsd.edu.