Vivian Nguyen: Our 2016-2017 Essay Contest Winner!

A tenacious junior at Westview High School, Vivian Nguyen has always been fascinated by the way the world works. Science has always held an important role in her life, and never has it been more true than in high school, where science is her favorite subject and she excels in her Honors and AP science classes. Her inspiration for her essay derives from her passionate interest in genetics and biology. Her enthusiasm about biology has influenced her to pursue a career in the medical field, especially since she is particularly interested in human biology. Although most of her time and energy is focused on her academic achievements, she also loves to volunteer, especially with kids. She volunteers with the Catalyst for Success organization, which inspires elementary school kids to become interested in science, and she also volunteers with Operation Courage is Beautiful, a non-profit organization that sends care packages to servicewomen across seas. But she is not only an ardent, altruistic high schooler, she is also a musician and athlete. She has played piano for fourteen years and volleyball for five, both of which are an integral part of her life.