Alexa Sison

Alexa is in her second as a human biology major and dance minor. She works at the UCSD Transportation Services Department and is a member of Sigma Kappa. Currently, Alexa aspires to go into Oncology but will probably change her mind a few times. She is a fairly typical college girl who spends her money on coffee and shoes. When she’s not too occupied with school, she enjoys driving aimlessly, talking to her fabulous parents on the phone, or getting her nails done.

Amreeta Jammu

I am a fourth year double majoring in Neuroscience and Human Biology at UCSD. I am aspiring to attend medical school and specialize in neurology, as well as one day give back to those suffering with neurological disorders. I love to bake to relieve my stress, as well as dance! I also enjoy hiking, listening to music, and watching movies.

Aneesa Chowdhury

Aneesa Chowdhury is a third year Biochemistry and Cell Biology major in Muir college. She became a writer for Under the Scope to share her thoughts on remarkable scientific discoveries with her peers. In her free time, she enjoys riding her bike and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Anna Alvarado

Anna Alvarado is a third year student majoring in Human Biology with a minor in Political Science from Eleanor Roosevelt College.

Anika Ullah

Arushi Atluri

My name is Arushi Atluri and I am a second year General Biology major from Muir College. I'm currently a staff writer for Under the Scope, Saltman Quarterly's sister publication; writing is one of my passions, so it’s great to be able to apply it to biology and research! Some of my other hobbies include swimming, eating weird foods, going to the beach, watching football (go Niners!), and volunteering.

Briana Kusuma

Briana is a second-year human biology major and law and society minor from Marshall. Her hopeful road to medical school is full of tearing up over grades, sleepless nights, and mountains of debt.

Christian Bey

Chelsea Chang

Chelsea is a Trader Joe’s enthusiast, a J.R.R. Tolkien fan, and an inspired person who strives to live life for bigger purposes. A second year at UC San Diego, Chelsea is a Physiology and Neuroscience major who loves cooking, artsy DIY projects and quirky TV shows (eg. Pushing Daisies). Her favorite coming-of-age novel is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, and if she were a crayon, she’d be Seafoam Green.

Chandni Patel

Hi! I’m Chandni, one of this year’s UTS staff writers. I’m a Biochemistry major with a Health Care – Social Issues minor studying to go on to graduate school and conduct research in the biomedical sciences. Since I hope to continue researching in the future, I joined SQ to further expand my knowledge of the biological research that is being done all over the world. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, finding hipsterish restaurants and cafes in SD, and playing with kittens.

Cheryl Patel

I am a senior majoring in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution. I love to be outside and always take every chance that I get to enjoy activities like snowboarding, hiking and beach volleyball. All my life, animals have held a soft spot in my heart, and now I hope to become a wildlife biologist who works in conservation, population genetics, evolutionary biology and community ecology. Traveling the world and studying different organisms would be a dream come true, but until then, writing out possible adventures will keep me satisfied.

Christina Cui

I am a second year, physiology and neuroscience major at Muir College. My academic interests are in neurological disorders, especially developmental disorders such as autism, and I hope to carry this passion to medical school. Outside of class, I enjoy playing the piano, making (eating) cookies and singing--in a top of my lungs, windows down kind of way. And, thanks to UCSD, I've found a love for spur of the moment beach trips and a new appreciation for sleep.

Edgar Villaruel

I am a 3rd year undergraduate student majoring in Biochemistry/Chemistry and minoring in Biology from Eleanor Roosevelt College. I am the Under the Scope Features Editor.

Julia Brown

Greetings, fellow being! As you may know from clicking on my blog, my name is Julia Brown. I am a second year Microbiology major and a Staff Writer for "Under the Scope." I am involved in multiple organizations on campus, including the fencing team, Amnesty International, and the Newman Center, so if you see me bustling about, feel free to say hi! Last year, I served on the "Saltman Quarterly" Review Board, and this year, I am about as excited to be writing about topics which I am passionate about as I am for the next season of "Sherlock."

Karen Tolentino

Karen Tolentino is a UTS Staff Writer. She is an aspiring premedical student with a Biochemistry/Cell Biology major and a minor in Psychology. She is also an avid tea connoisseur and drinks at least 5 cups of tea a day (preferably Earl Grey). Besides biology, she is interested in classic literature, ballet, shooting, and zombie apocalypse scenarios.

Lawrence Liu

Hi my name is Lawrence Liu and I am currently a UTS staff writer. I am finishing my biochemistry degree. SQ has been very rewarding. While I personally do research myself, SQ has allowed me to broaden my knowledge as I know am able to learn about other student's research as well. Fun note: I have natural white hair :P

Lexie Frye Rochfort

My name is Lexie W. Frye Rochfort, please call me Lexie Frye. My brother’s name is Sage Frye, I’m not sure which one of us has the better name. Yes, I’m aware that Sexy Lexie is a clever name twelve-year-olds come up with during passing period. I am a glasses-wearing kewl kid hailing from the distant lands of San Francisco (or more precisely Pleasanton, California). My major is Neurobiology with a minor in Computer Science, so I spend far too much time at my desk. In my spare time, I play vidya gaems and watch movies. Somehow these characteristics have lead to me writing a blog about bad science fiction movies, so enjoy. Anyone that wants to know my middle name gets three hints: 1) Starts with a W 2) 8 letters 3) Ends with an X

Magen Anthony

Hi, my name is Magen Kely Anthony and yes, I am aware that the spelling of my name is strange. I am a first year UTS Staff Writer majoring in Physiology and Neuroscience and minoring in Literature and Writing. Besides being interested in biology, I have a passion for writing, learning new languages and drinking an obsessive amount of coffee. I hope to take all my passions and combine them into my future career, which I am yet unsure of.

Mandy Wong

Mandy, UTS staff writer, is a third-year Biochemistry/Cell Biology Major && Computer Science Minor from Marshall College. In her free time... wait. What free time?

McKenna Sinkovich

Peter Chew

Rubeena Basra

Human Development Major with a Biology minor. I am a 4th year and have been working with Saltman Quarterly for a year now. I was previously an Under The Scope staff writer and am now a Saltman Quarterly staff writer. I enjoy writing and spreading exciting news about biology to UCSD students and faculty as well as the greater San Diego community.